Eczema / Dermatitis

Ezcema and Dermatitis are itchy skin patches that can have multiple causes. They can be caused endogenously (inside causes) and exogenously (outside causes).

Endogenous sub-types include

  1. Atopic
  2. Seborrhoeic
  3. Discoid
  4. Asteatotic
  5. Stasis / Venous insufficiency
  6. Dyshidrotic

The exogenous sub-types include

  1. Irritant contact dermatitis
  2. Allergic contact dermatitis

Treatment Options

1. Remove the triggering factors such as irritant and allergen

2. Lifestyle changes

3. Emollents and moisturisers

4. Anti-histamines

5. Topical immunomodulating drugs (pimicrolimus and tacrolumus ointments)

6. Oral & topical steroids

8. Phototherapy

7. Oral immunosuppressive therapy