Tattoo Removal

At Sydney Dermatology Group, laser tattoo removal is only performed by experienced dermatologists and dermatologically trained nurses. Unlike other clinics that may use non-medical technicians to perform treatments, we only allow experienced medical staff to assess and treat our patients.

Until now, people with unwanted tattoos have had little or no treatment options to effectively fade or remove their tattoos. Drastic measures such as skin grafts or plastic surgery are available, however, these are not an attractive or viable option for most people.

The revolutionary Q-Switched Revlite Laser system is a unique high-tech laser system capable of successfully fading and removing multicoloured tattoos. The laser light breaks up the tattoo ink into small particles. These small ink particles are slowly absorbed by the body and fade the tattoo with each treatment.

Unlike other laser systems that only target a specific ink colour, the Q-Switched Revlite Laser system can treat all tattoo inks. Clinics that use other laser systems may need to use several different laser machines to treat the one tattoo. This may mean unnecessary treatment sessions, ineffective procedures and extra cost.

Most tattoos can be removed with the Q-Switched RevLite Laser system, including professional, amateur, cosmetic, and surgical tattoos. Under our care, the Q-Switched RevLite Laser system is safe to use on any part of the face or body.